IL Marchio Di Kriminal (1968)


aka's: Cuatro Budas De Kriminal/Retour De Kriminal

He's back! Kriminal has somehow escaped jail and is running a high class rest home in London as he and his young female accomplice are causing guests to check in–but not check out, and then taking in the rewards from the insurance. However, they come across a statue of a blue Buddha that contains the first part of a map that seems to lead to some hidden treasure. Kriminal soon springs into action and is off round the globe in search of the other Buddhas that contain the other parts of the map. Inspector Milton believes Kriminal is still in an Istanbul prison, how long will it take him to link the rest home, the Buddhas, the treasure and Kriminal? (In widescreen format and in Italian language).


IL Marchio Di Kriminal aka’s: Cuatro Budas De Kriminal/Retour De Kriminal


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