Killer’s Moon (Uncut 35mm Version) (1978)


A bus full of schoolgirls breaks down in the Lake District, forcing the girls to take shelter for the night in a remote hotel. Meanwhile, strange and macabre things are happening to the locals (and their pets) and it is revealed that four escaped mental patients – Mr. Smith (Nigel Gregory), Mr. Trubshaw (David Jackson), Mr. Muldoon (Paul Rattee) and Mr. Jones (Peter Spraggon) – who have been dosed with LSD as part of their treatment, are roaming the area, convinced they are living a shared dream in which they are free to rape and murder – both of which they choose to do numerous times before the belated arrival of the police. Stars Anthony Forrest, Tom Marshall and Jane Hayden. (In widescreen format).

This film came from an uncut widescreen 35mm import print in excellent picture quality.

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Killer’s Moon


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