Kizil Tug – Cengiz Han (1952)


aka's: Red Plume – Genghis Khan/The Red Plume

The oldest surviving Turkish Historical Peplum Sword film! Three warriors, Ghenghis Kahn, Kassar Alp and Gelmen the Lion Slayer, meet Otsukarci (Turan Seyfioglu), who challenges Gelmen to a duel when Gelmen insults him. But when a group of Khan's rivals appear, Otsukarci helps the three beat off the attackers. As a result, the warriors show respect for Otsukarci's fighting skills and bravery, and Khan invites Otsukarci to come and work for him, offering fame and riches. (In Turkish language, with English subtitles).

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Kizil Tug – Cengiz Han aka’s: Red Plume – Genghis Khan/The Red Plume


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