L’annee Des Meduses (1984)


aka’s: L’année Des Méduses/
Year Of The Jellyfish/Méduses

This erotic thriller set in St. Tropez involves an unusual menage à trois. First there is Claude (Caroline Cellier), a mother approaching 40 who is also approaching a liaison with the second and pivotal figure in the trio, Romain (Bernard Giraudeau), a Don Juan who is not above pimping on occasion and who is also attracted to Claude. Thirdly, there is the neurotic Chris (Valèrie Kaprisky), Claude’s sexually fixated young daughter. (In French language, with English subtitles, and in widescreen format).

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L’annee Des Meduses aka’s: L’année Des Méduses/Year Of The Jellyfish/Méduses


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