Les Bons Coups (1979)


aka's: Caresses/Caresses Inavouables

Classic French film directed by Burd Tranbaree. Francois (Guy Royer) seems to have problems meeting women. In his fantasies he knows how do to everything but when it comes to real-life situations he chickens out. His friend Gabriel (Joël Charvier) then brings him to Erika Cool who sets out to teach him a thing or two. Also with Celine Gallone, Diane Dubois, Gallia, Marie-Dominique Cabannes and Morgane. ADULT CONTENT.

NOTE: This film comes from a rare English language import print, which has far superior picture quality than the U.S. version which goes under the title Caresses.


Les Bons Coups aka’s: Caresses/Caresses Inavouables


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