Teenage Bestsellers No. 260 (1987)


aka: Teenage Bestsellers #260

A delightful mix of five shorts rolled into one unbroken hour of retro-pleasure. All the shows feature fresh-faced Nordic fraulines in threesomes or foursomes.

Big Black Fuck:
You may recognize the skinny, young black boy in this foursome. His face and disproportionally large crank appear on a famous pack of playing cards called Big Ones. These naughty, Scandinavian teenage models can’t keep their hands off him – then the photographer joins in too.

Young Thai Tourist:
Featuring Tove Jensen. Jorgin brings two beautiful Thai girls up to Peter’s shag-pad, where his lovely blonde girlfriend is already working on his huge crank.

Intimate Vibrations:
Featuring Esther. Flushed with her own horniness, a teenage honey imagines a lusty anal encounter with two sexy boys as she judders against a gold vibrator.

Randy Riders:
A couple of cheeky older chaps entrap two pretty maidens, then take them home and impress them with their new tape recorder.

Photo Fun:
With their trendy, giant instamatic camera, Jan and Piet impress the pants off Ulla, quite literally. Then after the guys have soused her, she is hot for another round.

(In German language). Not that it matters one bit!


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Teenage Bestsellers No. 260 aka: Teenage Bestsellers #260


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