Look In Any Window (1961)


Paul Anka plays Craig Fowler, the troubled son of dysfunctional parents Jackie and Jay Fowler (Ruth Roman and Alex Nicol). When Jay loses his job as a aircraft mechanic, he goes on a drinking binge, passing out on the floor in front of his bored and disappointed wife. Meanwhile, Betty Lowell (Carole Mathews) confronts her playboy husband Gareth (Jack Cassidy) about his extracurricular activities at work – activities which she has rationalized, as his success has made them the envy of their neighbors. While the parents fight, Craig and Betty's daughter Eileen (Gigi Perreau) indulge in a growing interest in each other – but what role models do they have for “normal” behavior? And how long can Craig hide his dark secret: a compulsion which drives him to prowl the neighborhood's quiet streets at night and peep in windows? Also with George Dolenz.

Jack Cassidy and George Dolenz both were fathers of future rock star sons, David Cassidy (The Partridge Family) and Micky Dolenz (The Monkees).

My Way, the song Paul Anka wrote for Frank Sinatra, is tagged as the “Killer Song” in the Philippines. It is the top pick of drinking buddies in karaoke/videoke bars and when sung off-key, the singer is usually roughed up (or oftentimes shot or stabbed to death) by other drunks in the bar.

Very rare and of very nice picture quality.

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Look In Any Window


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