Love That Bob (1955-59)


aka: The Bob Cummings Show

Love That Bob was a comedy about a photographer (Bob Cummings) who worked mostly with gorgeous fashion models. He didn't just “work” with them during the day either! Despite the fact that he lived with his widowed sister and her son, he still managed to be a “swinging” bachelor dating one beautiful woman after another. The show was originally called The Bob Cummings Show but was changed to Love That Bob for syndication. Featured a vast number of the most beautiful models of that era.

Uncut and with some of the original commercials of the time period.

Episodes included in this set are:
Grandpa's Christmas Visit
Grandpa Attends A Convention
Bob And Schultzy Reunite
Bob Judges A Beauty Contest
Bob Goes Bird Watching
Grandpa's Old Buddy
Bob Digs Rock And Roll
Bob's Forgotten Fiancé
Bob And The Dumb Blonde
Bob In Orbit
Bob Becomes A Stage Uncle
Bob Butters Beck: Beck Butters Better
Bob Gets Harvey A Raise
Bob Saves Harvey
Bob Goes To The Moon
Bob And The Ravishing Realtor
Bob Retrenches
Collins The Crooner
Bob Plays Margaret's Game
Grandpa Moves West

Sold as a 5-DVD-R or VHS set.

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Love That Bob aka: The Bob Cummings Show


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