Kousoku Esupa (1967-68)


aka’s: Kousoku Esupa/Light Speed Esper/光速エスパー

A young boy Hikaru Azuma (Kiyotaka Mitsugi) loses his parents as the balloon they are riding accidentally collides with an alien spacecraft from Andromeda. The aliens known as Esper Seijin (Alien Esper) are sorry for what happened and possess the bodies of Hikaru's parents so the boy is not left alone. Meanwhile Professor Asakawa of the Atomic Research Institute is designing a super jet suit, but has not yet complete it. The Espers use telepathy to give the Professor the knowledge he needs to finish the super suit, and thus creating the Light Speed Esper. The Espers/Hikaru's parents, are also aware of a planned invasion by the evil Giron Seijin (Alien Giron). Also stars Toshio Hosokawa, Chiaki Tsukioka and Jun Usami. (In Japanese language).

Very nice picture quality.

26-Episode set.

Sold as a 7-DVD-R set.

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Kousoku Esupa aka’s: Kousoku Esupa/
Light Speed Esper/光速エスパー


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