Maison De Plaisir (1980)


aka’s: Bordel Pour Femmes/Hot Babes

Eva (Jane Baker) runs a male brothel and one day her limousine runs down Laure (Sandrine Pernelle). She takes her in and there is a lesbian scene. It later turns out that the girl has run away from home after seeing her mother (Elisabeth Buré) having sex with her daughter’s boyfriend. Laure’s mother hires a private detective to look for her. He traces her to Eva’s establishment and gets himself employed there undercover. Eva has a female secretary/assistant (Valerie Martin’s) and together they “audition” him, as they have done to other male members of staff. One of the gigolos has sex with the runaway in that same old basement room at the same old pinball machine. Laure’s mother has sex with the private detective over his office desk. The brothel seems to specialize in arranging for female fantasies to be fulfilled. By arrangement, Helen Shirley (Nicole Segaud) is pretend-raped by two of the men while on a roof and a gang bang is arranged for another female client (Linda Dull). Also with Guy Royer and Dominique Saint Clair. (In French language). ADULT CONTENT.


Maison De Plaisir aka’s: Bordel Pour Femmes/Hot Babes


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