Maladolescenza (Uncut Version) (1977)


aka's: Spielen Wir Liebe/Maladolescenza-Sie Lieben Und Sie Quälen Sich/Adolescent Malice/ Playing With Love/Puppy Love/Verbotene Spiele

A young boy named Fabrizio (Martin Loeb) and a girl named Laura (Lara Wendel) psychically explore their budding sexuality. Complications ensue when another girl named Sylvia (Eva Ionesco) enters the picture. Fabrizio is then drawn to Sylvia and Laura now feels ignored. As the tension among the three builds, cruel games are invented to express complex emotions. (In German language, with English subtitles).

NOTE: This film comes from a very rare and totally uncut, widescreen German import print which runs 91 minutes. All other versions have been heavily cut and are missing at least 14 minutes of footage.

Trivia: The proper English meaning for the Italian title of Maladolescenza is “Adolescent Malice”.

This film was co-produced by two Munich companies and an Italian enterprise from August 17th to September 16th, 1976 and was filmed in upper Austria and Kärnten. Chosen to play Sylvia was young Eva Ionesco, herself no stranger to controversy, as her mother was famous in their native France for her photos featuring a then five year old Ionesco in semi-sexual artistic photography.

This film has been largely unseen in all but a few countries.

This controversial film has been banned in Germany (and many other countries) after a court ruling in 2006.

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