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Miranda (1948)
While on a fishing holiday to Cornwall, England, Harley Street specialist Dr. Paul Marton (Griffith Jones) is rescued from a watery grave by a rather unusual creature – a mermaid named Miranda (Glynis Johns). Excited by her catch, Miranda threatens to keep him in her cave unless he takes her to London for a holiday, reluctantly Marton agrees and takes her home under the guise of a wheelchair-bound patient. Once in the city, Miranda proceeds to captivate every young man around her, but the eccentric local Nurse Cary (Margaret Rutherford) and Marton’s jealous wife Clare (Googie Withers) begin to wonder about their glamorous guest's predilection for raw seafood sandwiches and saltwater cocktails. Soon Miranda has a string of lovesick suitors competing for her attention, but she quickly becomes homesick for the sea.

Mad About Men (1954)
Glynis Johns returns in the dual role of amorous mermaid Miranda and her somewhat more reserved “human” lookalike Caroline. Having inherited a house in Cornwall, England, Caroline goes on an extended holiday, whereupon Miranda takes her place as mistress of the estate. Margaret Rutherford plays the wonderful eccentric nurse Carey.

Mr. Peabody And The Mermaid (1948)
As told to a psychiatrist: Mr. Peabody (William Powell), middle-aged Bostonian on vacation with his wife in the Caribbean, hears mysterious, wordless singing on an uninhabited rock in the bay. Fishing in the vicinity, he catches…a mermaid (Ann Blyth). He then takes her home and, though she has no spoken language, falls in love with her. Of course, his wife won't believe that thing in the bathtub is anything but a large fish. Predictable complications ensue in rather tame fashion.

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