Not Now Darling (1973)


A mad cap British farce about mistresses and minks in the London fur salon of Bodley, Bodley and Crouch. Gilbert Bodley (Leslie Phillips) plans to sell an expensive mink to a mobster dirt cheap for his wife, because the wife is Gilbert’s mistress and he wants to “Close the deal.” However, instead of doing his own dirty work, he gets his reluctant partner, Arnold Crouch (Ray Cooney), to do it for him. Things go awry when the mobster plans to buy the mink for his own mistress and soon the entire plan goes out the window, along with women’s clothing and a few other things. Mistaken identities, scantily clad women kept hidden in closets, mobsters, suspicious wives and misguided shoppers keep this comedy moving along in the spirit of the Marx Brothers. Stars Geraldine Gardner and with Julie Ege.

Ege was successfully treated for breast cancer in 1986.

She had revealed in a Norwegian magazine in October of 2002, that she had been diagnosed with lung cancer and was undergoing treatment.

Julie Ege was married and divorced twice and lived in Oslo, where she worked as a nurse, until her death from breast cancer on April 29th, 2008. She had two daughters.

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Not Now Darling


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