Rosie Dixon – Night Nurse (1978)


In this British sex comedy, young Rosie Dixon (Debbie Ash) starts her nurse training at St. Adelaide's Hospital, but the student doctors and randy male patients just can't keep their hands off her. Also with Carolyne Argyle, Peter Mantle and Beryl Reid.

When the movie was nearing completion, the film producers Belling and Parsons invited the parents of cast members Peter Mantle and Carolyne Argyle onto the set. What the Reverend W.E. Mantle and Judge Major Michael Argyle thought of their offspring appearing in a soft-core film was never reported. Major Argyle was a circuit judge for 18 years who vigorously spoke out against permissiveness and pornography. He famously presided over the Oz magazine obscenity trial, handing out severe prison sentences and pronounced publicly, “I will not tolerate filth!”

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Rosie Dixon – Night Nurse


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