Servantes Sans Culotte (1979)


aka: Housemaid Without Panties

When Bernard (Joël Charvier) comes home from work he is welcomed by his wife Nincia (Claude Janna) and her servant Van (Mika Barthel). He is given a bath and a massage before the evening meal. The two women are Asian as is the food and everything else in Bernard’s life. But Nincia fears that Bernard might get tired of her and tells her best friend, Li (Nicia), about it. She suggests offering him a second wife, discarding Van who must remain Nincia’s servant. When three girls enter the lounge, we immediately know that the wedding night has come for Bernard who is introduced to Lo Yan (Alexandra Sand), Ty Lan (Ellen Sun) and Li. He begins the wedding meal with his new wife but very soon all of the participants start the REAL fiesta! Ty Lan disappears after a few seconds of blowjob and all the others celebrate the new union and Bernard has more than one opportunity to use his – shall we call it? – crank. But Bernard has a secret blonde lover and tells her that the best way for them is for her to become acquainted. Also with Guy Royer. (In French language). ADULT CONTENT.


Servantes Sans Culotte aka: Housemaid Without Panties


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