Vicieuse Amandine (1976)


aka: Aujourd’hui Peut-être… Demain Sûrement

While on vacation in the Southern Alps, Sylvain (Gabriel Pontello) discovers – and peeps on – Ellen Earl and Richard Allan (Richard Lemieuvre) having fun inside a wash-house. Sylvain masturbates while watching them and leaves. Later he discovers Amandine (Ellen Earl) naked and masturbating alone by a tree, so he runs by her side and joins her for a little jerk off. In the evening, spying on Amandine through her window, he can see her having a threesome with Richard Lemieuvre, a blonde and a banana. Next, during a work break, he then spots Ingrid d’Eve entering a barn and joins her, paying a fondling and kissing tribute to her ass while she’s on the ladder. Later, walking along the road, he is accosted by motorist Elisabeth Bur who asks him the way to the main road and suggests he comes in the car to show her, where he goes on to discover the joys of ass-f#cking. Next time he comes upon an orgy in a barn. On his way back from the barn, he follows Amandine. She notices him and stops in some secluded spot where he soon joins her. (In French language).


Vicieuse Amandine aka: Aujourd’hui Peut-être… Demain Sûrement


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