Teenage Bestsellers No. 255 (1987)


aka: Teenage Bestsellers #255

Original, 1970's teenage threesomes and one foursome!

Young Flesh
A girlish maid straightens her cap in the mirror then serves her randy boss with drinks and a taste of her. Two adolescent debutantes are delivered to the boss by the chauffeur who is in turn seen to by the maid. and that's really just how it was in those days!

Stereo Seduction
Tender teens Lally and Jane bare all in front of each other and start kissing. Their moans of ecstasy attract Frank who watches them until he can't help himself from joining in!

Horny Sports
Trude and Katja look so fresh in their tiny sports shorts with their little boobs bouncing, as they play tennis in the sun. Bearded Boris and trendy Tom would rather play another kind of ball game with the girls! What a fabulous outdoor foursome!

King-Size Clit
Fledgling floosie Betty play-wrestles with Lars on the bed. She has a really bulbous clit which he bats about with his tongue. Lars shares her with his friend Marten for a teenage threesome. Betty gets completely drenched by the two boys.

French Fuckers
Wow, shorts were really short in the 70's! Unbelievable that this pretty mademoiselle is walking around Paris in such a state of undress. Not surprisingly she and her more demure looking friend get taken home by a randy Frenchman for a good fucking.

Dildo Dolly
Suzette, Lena and Gerda have a lot of fun with a collection of dildos and fancy condoms. Their giggles turn to ecstatic gasps when they start getting sexual. Pale blonde Lena gets turned upside down and tongued all over her pinkness.

(In German language). Not that it matters one bit!


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Teenage Bestsellers No. 255 aka: Teenage Bestsellers #255


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