Beast And The Vixens, The (1973)


aka's: Desperately Seeking Yeti/
The Beauties And The Beast

After a brief description of the legends of Bigfoot by the narrator, this film goes on to show what the hairy monster might really be doing with his time in the woods: watching women get naked and have sex of course!. After spying on a couple of college girls sleeping together in a remote forest cabin, Bigfoot then stumbles across a couple having sex in the woods. After he chases off the man to have a little fun of his own with the woman, the film then leaves Bigfoot to follow the exploits of the two college girls as they encounter a troupe of skinny-dipping hippies. Bigfoot eventually captures some ladies and takes them back to his cave. There are certainly worse things he could be doing! Stars Valdesta (aka: Jean Gibson), Uschi Digard and Marius Mazmanian. Uncut version of The Beauties And The Beast, also available here at Rare Movie Collector. ADULT CONTENT.

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The Beast And The Vixens aka's: Desperately Seeking Yeti/The Beauties And The Beast


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