Black Six, The (1974)


aka: The Black 6

Ever since they got back from Vietnam, six black vets have been easy-going, upstanding citizens. But when bikers murder the brother of one of the vets (Robert Howard) for dating a white girl, these rugged goods guys become furious fighters and ride out to seek their revenge. With former NFL stars Gene Washington (49ers), Carl Eller (Vikings), Lem Barney (Lions), Mercury Morris (Dolphins), “Mean” Joe Greene (Steelers) and Willie Lanier (Chiefs). Also with Maury Wills (Dodgers) and Ben Davison (Raiders).

Lem Barney sang background vocals on Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On (1971).

Gene Washington is currently director of football operations for the NFL.

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The Black Six aka: The Black 6


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