Clones Of Bruce Lee, The (1981)


aka’s: Shen Wei San Meng Long/

Bruce Lee has just died, but the BSI is swinging into action to salvage the situation. Aided by the brilliant Professor Lucas, cells from the martial arts master's body are removed and grown into three adult Bruce Lee clones. After undergoing training to bring their skills up to the level of their “father,” the three are sent out to battle crime, with one sent to take on a gold smuggler and the other two teaming up to shut down an evil mad scientist (John Benn from Bruce Lee's Way Of The Dragon [1972]). Bruce Le, Dragon Lee and Bruce Lai star as the clones. Also with Bruce Thai and Bolo Yeung.


The Clones Of Bruce Lee aka’s: Shen Wei San Meng Long/神威三猛龍


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