Erotic Adventures Of Pinocchio, The (1971)


aka: Pinocchio

Lovingly hand-carved from a tree trunk by beautiful, lonely Gepetta (Monica Gayle) and wakened into life by a bumbling buxom and oversexed fairy godmother (Dyanne Thorne), our handsome wooden hero (Alex Roman) hasn't got a chance. Unlike the little puppet of childhood fantasy, this timberjack is furnished with an unbending bough that grows beyond all expectations. Seduced and exploited, our naive Pinocchio blunders through a forest of women without losing a splinter. Knock on wood, it's not his nose that grows! The path to love and honest values is hard for a wooden man without a heart. Sex is as easy as falling off a log… except when that log grows too huge to handle! Also with Uschi Digard in an uncredited role. ADULT CONTENT.


The Erotic Adventures Of Pinocchio aka: Pinocchio


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