Hot Summer In The City (1974)


Debby (former playmate Lisa Baker) is a young virgin who resists her fiancé's advances for premarital sex. One night she arrives home and finds her mother in a threesome with two men. Shocked, she wanders along the highway where four black men in a Cadillac verbally abuse and kidnap her. Duke (Duke Johnson), the leader of the gang rapes Debby. The men take her to the cabin they live and Duke declares that she is his “chick”. Other members of the gang oppose and they start a poker game for sexual rights over her. Shorty (Shorty Roberts) and Coke (Coke Cain) win and they rape Debby. Next, more complications ensue with the arrival of Duke's jealous girlfriend Jody (Black Orchid). ADULT CONTENT.

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Hot Summer In The City


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