Final Programme, The (1973)


aka: The Last Days Of Man On Earth

After the death of his father, spy and Nobel Prize winning physicist Jerry Cornelius (Jon Finch) undertakes a mission to raid his family home which has been taken over by his brother Frank (Derrick O'Connor), in order to rescue his sister Catherine (Sarah Douglas) and a microfilm which contains the Final Programme left by his father. He retrieves the microfilm but Catherine is killed. Joined by the mysterious Miss Brunner (Jenny Runacre), a bisexual woman with the habit of consuming her lovers, Jerry travels to Lapland where Miss Brunner and a team of scientists are preparing to launch the Final Programme which will combine two beings to produce the messiah who will save the world before the coming end. Also with Julie Ege, Sterling Hayden and Sarah Douglas (aka: Ursa in Superman II).

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The Final Programme aka: The Last Days Of Man On Earth


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