Flesh Eaters, The (Uncut Version) (1964)


A group of young adults are trapped on a desert island, only to find later that the water is inhabited by a violent form of flesh eating organisms. Stars Martin Kosleck, Byron Sanders and Barbara Wilkin. Also with Rita Morley, Ray Tudor and Christopher Drake.

NOTE: This print contains all the blood/gore and ending color sequence, which is usually cut from most other versions.

TRIVIA: While filming on location at Montauk, New York, a real hurricane destroyed the sets and equipment. Production was delayed for a year and the cost to complete the film rose from $60,000 to $105,000.

According to writer/producer Arnold Drake, Terry Curtis, wife of director Jack Curtis, won $72,000 on the television quiz show High Low. Some of the money he won was used to finish this film.

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The Flesh Eaters (Uncut Version)


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