Ghoul, The (Uncut Theatrical Version) (1975)


aka's: Night Of The Ghoul/The Thing In The Attic

A thing of unspeakable evil is waiting in the dark halls of an English mansion, living off human flesh and blood. One by one, its victims are slaughtered, each screaming hysterically as the unholy fiend attacks with sudden inhuman fury. Only one man (Peter Cushing) has the power to stop the slaughter before the woman he loves becomes the next victim of The Ghoul. Also with John Hurt and Veronica Carlson.

This is the very rare totally uncut theatrical print of this film which includes the much-sought-after bathtub scene with Veronica Carlson.

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The Ghoul (Uncut Theatrical Version) aka’s: Night Of The Ghoul/The Thing In The Attic


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