Killer Rat Set


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Willard (1971)
A social misfit, Willard (Bruce Davison), is made fun of by his co-workers and squeezed out of the company started by his deceased father by his boss. His only friends are a couple of rats he raised at home, Ben and Socrates (and their increasing number of friends). However, when Socrates is killed at work, Willard goes on a rampage, using his rats to attack those who have been tormenting him. Also with Ernest Borgnine, Elsa Lanchester and Sondra Locke.

Ben (1972)
A lonely boy, Willard (Lee H. Montgomery), is good friends with Ben, a rat. Ben is also the telepathic leader of a pack of other trained killer rats which do his bidding. Also with Joseph Campanella, Arthur O'Connell, Rosemary Murphy, Meredith Baxter and Paul Carr.

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