Golden Bat, The (1966)


aka’s: Ôgon Batto/黄金バット

A team of scientists from a secret UN base located in the Japan Alps heads to a mysterious island in the middle of the Pacific to search for a rare mineral needed to construct a lens for their super laser cannon. There they find some ancient ruins from Atlantis but then are suddenly attacked by a strange drill-shaped spaceship. It's commanded by an evil alien called Nazu, who has engineered a collision course with Earth and the planet Icarus. They soon discover that Nazu doesn't want to share the universe with humans and also doesn't want the UN team to finish the special Super-Destruction laser cannon, which can destroy the planet Icarus. The action is on and the team then discovers the Golden Bat (Hirohisa Nakata), an ancient super being who has been asleep for over 10,000 years, awaiting this very moment to save Earth. Also stars Sonny Chiba and Andrew Hughes. (In Japanese language, with English subtitles).


The Golden Bat aka’s: Ôgon Batto/黄金バット


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