Green Hornet, The (1994)


aka’s: Qing Feng Xia/Cheng Fung Hap/ Dragon And The Green Hornet/青蜂俠

Chin Kar Lok, who stars as the eponymous hero, displays some neat moves that highlights his physical prowess. Dispatching a slave-trading gang who are smuggling children with a barrage of quick-fire kicks and punches, the hero creates a fitting opening for the film. The narrative then settles down to its main focus: the deeds of the Green Hornet. While taking part in one such heroic adventure, the Green Hornet attracts the attention of a curious police officer who wants to see who the man behind the mask really is. Therefore the two friendly rivals engage in an ongoing battle to outwit one another while still honoring their respective roles. The main villains come to light for the pair when a group of Western mercenaries arrive on a small island and begin creating havoc as they search for some supposed treasures. After picking up an adoring female sidekick along the way, the Green Hornet seeks a way to outwit these trained killers. With plenty of tricks and his formidable aptitude for fighting on his side, the masked man is absorbed in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with the ruthless band. (In Cantonese language, with English subtitles).


The Green Hornet aka’s: Qing Feng Xia/Cheng Fung Hap/Dragon And The Green Hornet/


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