Private Lives Of Adam And Eve, The (1960)


In this retelling of the story of Adam and Eve, a bus heads for Reno. There’s a traveling salesman (Mel Torme), a two-bit casino owner and his sexpot wife (Mickey Rooney and Fay Spain), sex-kitten Tuesday Weld as a teenage runaway, the voluptuous Mamie Van Doren as Eve and Martin “Marty” Milner (of ADAM 12 fame…no pun intended) as Adam. Paul Anka plays rock ‘n’ roller Pinkie Parker, who steers his hot rod jalopy with his feet so his hands are free to play his guitar and sing the title tune. The film begins in black and white until they reach the Garden of Eden at which point it turns into “Spectracolor” then back to black and white after Adam bites the apple.

The Catholic Legion of Decency gave this film a “Condemned” rating.

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The Private Lives Of Adam And Eve


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