Darna Collection (1965-94)


8 Rare DARNA Films!

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Free bonus film: Bira! Darna Bira! (1979)
Darna (Rio Locsin) and Ding (Romnick Sarmienta) tangle with the Mafia, who kidnap a child actor for ransom. Complications arise when the Mafia learns of Darna's secret identity. (In Tagalog language).

PLEASE NOTE: Bira! Darna Bira! is only available when the entire 8 disc set is purchased for $59.99 and is not sold separately.

Darna (1991)
Darna (Nanette Medved) is the Philippines answer to our Wonder Woman. Her outfit is very similar but her powers are more vast, such as her ability to fly. This time she must battle the evil Medusa (Nida Blanca). (In Tagalog language).

Darna And The Giants (1973)
aka: Darna & The Giants
Darna (Vilma Santos) fights alien invaders and battles “X3X” (Helen Gamboa), an intergalactic warrior queen who performs genetic experiments on earthlings to turn them into giants, in order to bring the planet Earth to its knees. But of course, Darna kicks the crap out of her and the giants. (In Tagalog language).
NOTE: This film has some minor picture glitches in it's first several minutes, but is fine afterwards. It is also totally uncut, with an extra 10 minutes of footage added which is missing from all other prints.

Darna And The Tree Monster (1964)
aka: Darna At Ang Babaeng Tuod
A religious, childless couple, wanted badly to have a child. Out of desperation, the mother asked Satan to give them a child in exchange for her soul. The devil agreed, with the condition that when the child reached the age of 18, he will take the mother's soul. The mother conceived and gave birth to a lifeless baby girl that looks like a plastic doll. The child only lived when the devil breathed life into it. Lucila, the demonic child, only brings troubles and embarrassment to the family. On her 18th birthday, her curse began by turning into a viney, humongous, man-eating tree. A few unintentional laughs come, courtesy of a gorilla on the loose. In one of the few scenes where Darna actually appears, she must rescue a damsel who has been abducted by the rampaging gorilla. In a scene borrowed from King Kong, the ape climbs on the roof of a high rise building. (In Tagalog language).

Darna At Ding (1980)
Vilma Santos' fourth and final portrayal of Darna takes her to another wild adventure, this time with her younger brother Ding (Niño Muhlach). When a mysterious stone falls into the hands of Narda, (Vilma Santos) she has no idea that it will change her life forever. Later, she discovers the stone is an amulet that gives her super powers. This is the start of the many adventures of Darna, that have her battling with the evil sorceress Lei Ming (Celia Rodriguez) and the Hawk Woman. (In Tagalog language).

Darna vs. The Planet Women (1975)
aka: Darna vs. Elektra
Narda (Vilma Santos) finds her boyfriend (Zandro Zamora) paralyzed by a mysterious beam shot from a UFO. With her brother Ding (Bentot Jr.), she prays for help for her boyfriend. Then, a mysterious voice answers and sends her an enchanted amulet of power. It is discovered that the power of Darna is contained within the magic pebble. With her new powers she now battles The Planet Women, headed by the evil Elektra (Rosanna Ortiz), who paralyzed her boyfriend, and then foils their plan to move the Earth to their home star system. Also stars Lita Vasquez, Eva Linda, and Diana Villa as The Planet Women. (In Tagalog language, with English subtitles).

Darna, Kuno…? (1979)
aka: Darna Kuno
This feature is a spoof of the Darna films, which was made for laughs. The story is about a poor underdog (Dolphy). While pregnant, the real Darna (Lotis Key) lets Dolphy borrow her magical stone until she gives birth. Dolphy then encounters several kinds of Filipino folklore characters such as Tikbalangs (a half man, half horse creature), Aswangs (Vampires) and many more. Lotis Key portrays Annabel and also puts on the Darna costume, minus the sash. (In Tagalog language, with English subtitles).

Darna: The Return (1994)
aka: Darna: Ang Pagbabalik
Valentina (Pilita Corrales), Darna's snake haired arch enemy, is trying to take over the Philippines through subliminal messages on religious TV shows. Darna (Anjanette Abayari) has her own problems however, as she has lost her magic pearl and with it, the ability to transform into her scantily clad super self. Trapped as her alter ego, the plucky reporter Narda, she must try to regain the pearl and foil Valentina's plans. The role of Darna is now taken over by Anjanette Abayari, who looks very much like Lynda Carter. (In Tagalog language, with English subtitles).


Darna Collection


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