Virgins From Hell (1987)


aka's: Perawan Disarang Sindikat/Maidens Revenge

The film opens with a gang of Asian biker babes in leather hot pants attacking a casino. The gang is led by two girls, Karen (Enny Beatrice) and Shelia (Yenny Farida), who appear to have a score to settle with the casino's sleazy owner. Unfortunately The girls are defeated and end up in a women's prison camp where they fall victim to the camp's vicious lesbian wardress. We discover that both the camp and the casino are controlled by the notorious Mr. Tiger (Dicky Zulkarnaen). Via a flashback we discover that Mr. Tiger killed Karen and Shelia's parents and stole their land to build both the prison and a secret laboratory where he plans to manufacture a new aphrodisiac drug that will turn all women into helpless sex slaves. The girls plan their escape from the camp and their ultimate revenge on Mr. Tiger.

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Virgins From Hell aka’s: Perawan Disarang Sindikat/Maidens Revenge


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