Women Of The World (Uncut Version) (1963)


aka: La Donna Nel Mondo

“The camera strips woman right down to her skin,” proclaimed the ads,”…lays bare the secrets of her mind and body!” Using outtakes from Mondo Cane as their foundation, Directors Gualtiero Jacopetti, Paolo Cavara and Franco Prosperi created this leering yet lyrical study of women's roles in the international culture of the bizarre. Here is the female of the species as mothers, murderers, warriors and whores, respected as high-powered executives and objectified as bodacious bombshells, grasping for eternal beauty and even engaging in “unnatural friendships.” From love in the streets of Paris to death on the African plain, the Mondo masters turn their unflinching eye on all the things never before known – and never before shown – about Women Of The World. Stars Belinda Lee and Peter Ustinov. Narrated by Stefano Sibaldi.

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Women Of The World (Uncut Version) aka: La Donna Nel Mondo


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