X-The Man With The X-Ray Eyes (1963)


aka’s: X: Man With The X-Ray Eyes/
The Man With The X Ray Eyes/X-Ray

Dr. Xavier (Ray Milland) develops eye drops intended to increase the range of human vision, allowing one to see beyond the visible spectrum. Believing that testing on animals and volunteers will produce unreliable observations, he begins testing the drops on himself and soon discovers that he can see through people’s clothing, and uses his vision to save a young girl whose medical problem was misdiagnosed. Over time and with continued use of the drops, Xavier’s visual capacity increases to the point where he can see through to the very core of the universe itself. Eventually, his ability to control it decreases, causing shocking changes to his persona, with disastrous results. Also stars Diana Van Der Vlis and Harold J. Stone. And with John Hoyt and Don Rickles. (With English audio options and in Widescreen format).

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NOTE: This DVD is in PAL format which is not compatible with NTSC format DVD players. Most DVD players in the U.S. are NTSC only. Please check your DVD player’s format before ordering.


X-The Man With The X-Ray Eyes aka’s: X: Man With The X-Ray Eyes/The Man With The X Ray Eyes/X-Ray


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