Los Platillos Voladores (1955)


aka: The Flying Saucers

In this tuneful Mexican comedy, an inventor and his girl friend have created a flying race car. Hoping to use it to win the big race and therefore, earn enough money to finally marry, they take off. Unfortunately, they crash in a remote village. The terrified villagers take the couple for Martians and bring in a noted professor and his crew to examine them. The duo do nothing to tell the officials otherwise and use their alien status to improve life for the villagers. In time they finally tell the professor the truth. To their surprise, he claims he knew it all along, but didn’t want to disappoint the excited villagers. Soon after their marriage the happy twosome embark upon their honeymoon only to be abducted by real life Martians and whisked into space. Stars Adalberto Martínez Resortes, Evangelina Elizondo and Andrés Soler. (In Spanish language).

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Los Platillos Voladores aka: The Flying Saucers


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