Policewomen (1974)


aka’s: Police Women/The Insiders

Her name is Bond… Lacy Bond, one of the first female super cops. She’ll do anything it takes to get her man or woman. In her first big case, the criminals are women who’ve broken out of prison. They’ve joined up with a gang of gold smugglers and launched their own crime wave, becoming a kind of female mafia. Enter Lacy (Sondra Currie), who goes undercover, infiltrating the gang as one of their toughest street fighters. But someone recognizes her and blows her cover…and survival takes everything she’s got! Also stars Tony Young and Phil Hoover. Also with Jeannie Bell, William Smith and Loretta Swit, of M*A*S*H fame (uncredited). (In widescreen format).

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Policewomen aka’s: Police Women/The Insiders


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