Richard Diamond Private Eye (1957-60)


aka's: Call Mr. D./Richard Diamond, Private Detective

Richard Diamond (David Janssen) is a suave private eye who, at first, walks the mean streets of New York, then later packs up and moves to Los Angeles, where he tools around in a convertible with a car phone. His sexy receptionist Sam, whose face we never see, minds the office while Diamond solves his cases.

Episodes included in this set are:
Picture Of Fear
The Chess Player

Sold as a single DVD-R or VHS set.

David Janssen died on February 13th, 1980, from a sudden heart attack at his Malibu home at the age of 49. Unfounded speculation holds that Janssen succumbed to alcoholism, a problem that plagued him most of his adult life. There were even unfounded rumors about drug use. However, a much more reasonable explanation for Janssen's sudden demise is that this intense, dedicated, determined actor simply worked himself to death.

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Richard Diamond Private Eye aka’s: Call Mr. D./Richard Diamond, Private Detective


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