Ski Bum, The (1970)


aka: Point Zero

Johnny (Zalmon King) is The Ski Bum, He lives for skiing, and high up in the Rocky Mountains, he’s in his element. Then he meets Samantha (Charlotte Rampling), a beautiful well-connected resort official. His life suddenly changes when she seduces him into giving ski lessons to the vacationing family of a wealthy industrialist. Johnny soon gets caught up in the tycoon’s scheme to take over the thriving ski resort. But the man has an ulterior motive for buying this deluxe playground of the rich, and Johnny finds himself torn between selling out for the good life and living up to his ideals. An exciting outdoor adventure, The Ski Bum perfectly blends the thrill of skiing and the suspense of underworld intrigue. The magnificent Colorado Rocky Mountains are the backdrop for this story of a man’s journey into the depths of corruption and deceit.

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The Ski Bum aka: Point Zero


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