Surrogate, The (1984)


aka’s: Infidélité Fatale/Blind Rage

Frank (Art Hindle) and Lee (Shannon Tweed) have marital problems: he’s been impotent for 18 months, she alternates between sympathy and criticism. His temper gets the best of him, so he’s seeing a psychotherapist (Marilyn Lightstone) who finds the anger and the impotence related. She recommends that Frank and Lee hire a mysterious European woman (Carole Laure) to lead them through fantasies intended to unlock passion and help them heal. At the same time this is going on, the police are investigating a series of stabbings: as corpses pile up, we wonder if Frank’s temper may be behind this; or perhaps it’s Eric (Jim Bailey), a cross-dressing neighbor and friend of Lee’s; it may even be the European woman, who keeps popping up with new fantasies. Also with Michael Ironside.

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The Surrogate aka’s: Infidélité Fatale/Blind Rage


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