Veil, The (1958)


Two years before Thriller, Boris Karloff hosted The Veil, a never-broadcast ten-episode pilot of a TV horror anthology for the Hal Roach Studios in 1958. Boris also starred in nine of The Veil's ten episodes, making this a rare treat for Karloff fans. All ten 26-minute episodes are available–directed by such genre luminaries as George Waggner (The Wolf Man) and Herbert L. Strock (I Was A Teenage Frankenstein) and starring such familiar faces as Patrick Macnee (The Avengers), Robert Hardy (Psychomania), Niall MacGinnis (Curse Of The Demon), Clifford Evans (Kiss Of The Vampire), Morris Ankrum (Earth vs. The Flying Saucers), Eve Brent (Gun Girls) and even a young George Hamilton. So join Boris Karloff for another journey into the world of the unexplainable which lies behind…The Veil. (Uncut).

Morris Ankrum died of trichinosis on September 2, 1964, Pasadena, CA. Trichinosis is a disease caused by eating undercooked meat containing cysts of Trichinella spiralis. Trichinella spiralis can be found in pork, bear, walrus, fox, rat, horse, and lion meat. When a person eats meat from an infected animal, Trichinella cysts break open in the intestines and grow into adult roundworms. The roundworms produce other worms that move through the gut wall and into the bloodstream. These organisms tend to invade muscle tissues, including the heart and diaphragm (the breathing muscle under the lungs). They can also affect the lungs and brain. Ankrum was 67 years old.

Sold as a 2-DVD-R or VHS set.

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The Veil


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