Wet Science (1986)


In this hardcore takeoff of the 80's hit Weird Science, Erica Boyer plays a mad scientist who decides to create her own ideal man. She conjures up the naked form of Tom Byron, a guy who's got everything she needs — and no annoying habits like talking or thinking for himself! Complications ensue as a lost couple wanders up to Erica's secluded home. They see for themselves what Erica's been up to behind closed doors, and decide that they like it! Meanwhile, Erica's servants are having some steamy fun of their own in the kitchen. And when the police show up to see what's so loud, things really get out of hand! Fast-paced fun from start to finish, Wet Science will make a believer out of you! Also stars Karen Summer, Candie Evans and Bunny Bleu. ADULT CONTENT

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Wet Science


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