Deathquake (Japanese Language Version) (1980)


aka's: Jishin Retto/Death Quake/Earthquake 7.9/ Earthquake Archipelago/ Magnitude 7.9/Megaforce 7.9/ 地震列島

The unthinkable has happened. Scientists predicted a major quake somewhere on the planet this decade. Tokyo has been rocked by a devastating earthquake…the result of a massive volcanic eruption. The fury of the quake is unlike any ever recorded. One of the most heavily populated cities in the world is reduced to flames and rubble. The graphic scenes of violence and destruction shown in this film are not for the squeamish and the producers urge caution before viewing. Stars Hiroshi Katsuno and Toshiyuki Nagashima. (In Japanese language).

This film comes from an uncut widescreen import print.

NOTE: The picture quality for this film is far superior to the English language version.

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Deathquake (Japanese Language Version) aka’s: Jishin Retto/Death Quake/Earthquake 7.9/ Earthquake Archipelago/Magnitude 7.9/ Megaforce 7.9/地震列島


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