Severed Arm, The (Uncut Version) (1973)


Trapped in a cave, five men cut off the arm of a companion in order to ward off starvation. After they are saved, their victim seeks revenge on them one by one. Stars Deborah Walley, Paul Carr, Marvin Kaplan and John Crawford.

Paul Carr appeared in the second Star Trek pilot episode, Where No Man Has Gone Before.

Despite operating a health food business, character actor Paul Carr died from complications of lung and brain cancer on February 17th, 2006. He was 72.

NOTE: This is the rare UNCUT AND UNCENSORED 91-minute-version of this film and we are the only ones offering it at present. Beware of the numerous cut TV versions being offered on VHS and DVD by others.

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The Severed Arm (Uncut Version)


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