Witchmaker, The (1969)


aka's: Legend Of Witch Hollow/The Witchmaster/Witchkill

Alvy Moore leads a group of individuals into the deep swamplands to investigate paranormal activities. As luck would have it, this little neck of the bayou has been the location of several ritual murders over the past couple of years, all pretty young girls. One of the crew of outsiders (Thordis Brandt) is the descendant of a witch, and her presence interests the leader of the swamp-dwelling witch coven…who become intent on making her one of their own. Stars Anthony Eisley. Also with John Lodge, Shelby Grant and Burt Mustin.

This film comes from an uncut widescreen print.

This film is superbly atmospheric, eerie and accurate. Over the years it has developed a growing cult following. Witchcraft films do not get any better than this and it's considered the best of it's kind. Kicks the butt of The Blair Witch Project (1999). The Witchmaker is the real deal and a must-see classic.

John Lodge (Luther the Berserk) died from prostate cancer on February 1st, 2008. He was 86.

Old time character actor Burt Mustin died from natural causes on January 28th, 1977. He was 92.

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The Witchmaker aka’s: Legend Of Witch Hollow/The Witchmaster/Witchkill


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